Dytikos or Diskos

Apart from the village beach in Lentas there is also the beautiful sandy beach Diskos on the other side of the lion mountain. Follow the western paved road from Lentas towards Dytikos or just walk the shorter path directly over the lion (approx. 10 minutes walk).

Either you walk along the beach or you follow the paved road above the beach, then you meet after a few meters some houses. There are a couple of taverns with beautiful sea views, one supermarket and some guesthouses with studios and rooms for rent.

Dytikos as Matala is also known as an old hippie colony, you can still swim naked and camp quite simple on the beach. Nude and wild camping are allowed here (as opposed to the village beach in Lentas).

On the beach of Dytikos you can watch beautiful and colorful sunsets over the ocean and discover the first evening stars in relaxing mood. The night shows an overwhelming starry sky and it is almost always possible to find a shooting star.

Restaurants in Dytikos / Diskos

Sea turtles Caretta Caretta in Dytikos

Some summer the rare loggerhead sea turtles Caretta Caretta lay their eggs at the beach of Dytikos. Spreaded on the long beach, the eggs are then buried deep and well hidden in the sand. In parts of the beach that are frequented by people, the nests are highlighted for protection.

Please note: The nests must not be touched. Please try to avoid nesting areas at all and if you do happen to be on a nesting beach, keep a wide distance from the nests by, for example, staying as close to the sea as possible. Further: Please do not use any light near nesting beaches in the night, such as flashlights, candles or campfires. Hatching turtles must not be supported on their way into the sea (even not when they have, for example, fallen on their backs or are apparently running in the wrong direction). Thank you so much for helping us to protect the animals and the habitat of the endangered sea turtle!