Lentas Kreta Griechenland | Lentas Crete Greece | Λέντας στη νότια Κρήτη

There are no car rental companies in Lentas. For occasional trips it is better to make the trips with the local taxi drivers. Also transfers to hiking trails are easy to organize by taxi. Especially since many mountain villages with its narrow streets for cars are completely blocked and at the entrance usually are very little parking areas.

At the entrance of Lentas village is one car park and two other car parks at the village square. In high season it is, however, sometimes difficult at all to find any parking in one of the three areas. 

All over Crete there are numerous car rental companies such as in Heraklion, Chania or in larger tourist destinations. You can find out more at the airport about the well known international car rentals or check out the local companies and conditions at the internet.