Trafoula Bay

The most fascinating area near Lentas is certainly Trafoulas. The remote Trafoulas is a hidden place and is a bit difficult to access, you can only go there by foot or by boat.

The beach is at the end of small gorge, that you can climb in about 30 minutes. You walk from Lentas in circa 1.5 hour to Loutra and follow the road. Above the harbor is the access point. You can also take the car to the entrance of the gorge, but there are only a few parking spaces on the roadside (no regular parking place).

The short hike through the canyon leads through oleander trees and bizarre rock formations directly to the beach. The beach with small gravel and sand is quite long, in the middle there is rocky part. In the eastern part there are some caves where you can stay in shaddow. The water is crystal clear and near the rock faces it gets fast deep.

There are no trees, no vegetation and no tavern.

The rocks are like ancient sculptures in an thrilling atmosphere. Here you may feel like being on another planet.