At the lion

A nice walk of about 15 minutes takes you directly to the top of the mountain. From there you can watch one of the most beautiful sunrises with a breathtaking play of colors.

Even the famous Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis ("Zorbas the Greek") came in the thirties regularly to this place in order to rest and to be inspired by the unique atmosphere.

But not only the people are attracted to the vicinity of the Lion, also a lot of animals come here: Dolphins, many different species of fish and the large turtles (see below), who come regularly to Lentas and to which the inhabitants of Lentas are particularly proud of (look here Protection of the Sea Turtle​​​​​​).

The lion is officially protected as a nature reserve. Therefore, it is not allowed to cultivate the land on the Lion. Neither big hotels nor mass tourism around the Lion will arise in the future. The unique beauty of nature is preserved.