Medical care

The medical care in Crete is very good. In case of illness, you will find in Mires a hospital (Regional Health Clinic of Moires), local GP or specialists, such as pediatricians, gynecologists, ear, nose and throat doctors, dentists, cardiologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, etc. The doctors are well equipped and the treatment is conscientiously. A simple body check costs about 30 €.

English speaking doctors: 
Dr. Angelos Barbas, gynegolist, ph. 28920 24564 Dr. Stella Klinaki, pediatrician, ph. 28920 22044

German speaking doctors: 
Dr. Wilfried Mache and Karin Mache, orthopedics and dermatology, ph. 28920 24495

In Moires are many pharmacies (ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΟ) along the main road and in the side streets. The pharmacists are highly qualified to diagnose minor ailments, provide them with appropriate medicine or refer to the necessary specialist. German drugs are often available. An emergency service (24 hours, including Sundays and holidays) is set up and at each closed pharmacy, there is information to the nearest pharmacy with emergency service.

Opening times doctors and pharmacies: 
Mon - Sat: 9 - 14 h 
Di, Do, Fr: 17 - 21 h

Health Center in Mires: 
Always open, phone: 28920-23312. The hospital is located in the central part of the hillside, two blocks north of the main road (market). There is no address available, just in case you don't notice the information signs, every local can help you, since it is the only hospital in this area. In case of emergency you will be helped without any extensive formal procedure.

Of course, the people in Lentas will help their opportunities accordingly. Therefore, you should first ask the people in the village. Please note: An ambulance requires arrival time. Call: 166. European-wide emergency call: 112

Emergency telephone numbers

First Aid / Ambulance
Europe-wide phone number: 112

First Aid / Ambulance
Nation-wide phone number: 166

ph.: +30.28920.23312

Nation-wide phone number: 199

Tourist Police
Nation-wide phone number: 171