Know thyself

Above the important Temple of Apollo in Delphi, you will find the message "Know thyself." This principle is characteristic of the Asklepios cult throughout Greece. Lentas was also famous in antiquity for its Askelpios sanctuary. People seeking advice came here to mentally attune themselves in the silence of the sanctuary and the graceful nature and to find healing in the dreaming sleep. Later in history, a Roman thermal bath was added, a "wellness factor" to the therapy offer.

In the Lentas of today, many visitors still find inner peace in the uniqueness of nature. The magic of the place with the mighty lion rock, the smaller elephant rock and the natural phenomena inspires many people to offer seminars for relaxation or healing.

There are regularly offered various seminars, for example, professionals or interested ones can take part in seminars for Waldorf teachers or at psychological seminars, learn how to relax and book group or individual sessions.

If you would like to organize seminars in Lentas by yourself and looking for suitable group rooms, you will find very well equipped rooms in the Iremia complex that you can book.

Seminare für Walddorflehrer 

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