Hi everybody!

The Water is Life (WiL) project organizers are excited to share with you the first “tangible” results of our work. We present to you here a 48-page brochure for you to download (in Greek or English ) at: http://water-is-life.eu/downloads

Our hope is that everyone who sees this post will do just that because: The brochure has very important information about a major problem we face in this part of Crete. It also contains ideas about how to try and solve it together. A key part of the brochure asks you to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions! For those of you who don’t know: The Water is Life project is all about the current and future situation with fresh water that comes from the Asterousia mountains. This is the water used by everyone who lives, works, or visits this area.

We have a problem, people! A big and urgent one. The good news is: It isn’t too late for us to take action. A first step: Please download, read, and consider the new WiL brochure. Also: please share this link with other people that live, work, or visit this amazing area and care about its future. The WiL organizers had planned to present the print version of the brochure (in Greek) during small meetings at local tavernas / kafeneons this winter. We could not do that because of the pandemic (lockdowns, etc.) Instead of waiting any longer, we have decided to try encouraging people to at least access and read the electronic version. You can find the brochure at our new homepage “in progress” at: http://water-is-life.eu/downloads You can also find print copies of the Greek version in the few local businesses that are open in our area. However, please take the time to also send WiLyour feedback, ideas, and suggestions, etc., per email to: info-wil@online.de