Petrol stations

There is a widespread network of petrol stations in Crete, but when driving in remote areas that are far away from the highways, you should refuel at every opportunity. Also in Lentas and nearby there are no petrol stations. From Lentas the next opportunities to refuel are the ones in the Messara at Xoustouliana (27 km). And of course there are many gas stations in Mires.

The price of one liter super is between 1,40 and 1,60 € (as of beginning 2015). Payment is usually in cash and you may wish to round smaller accounts up.

In the villages gas stations close around 19 h and most have closed on Sundays. Gas stations on the highways  are usually longer open and often open on Sundays. In the cities there is at least on station that opens throughout (nights and Sundays).