Lentas Kreta Griechenland | Lentas Crete Greece | Λέντας στη νότια Κρήτη

The magic of nature

In prehistoric times, the Mother Goddess Rhea fled to Crete to give birth to her son Zeus in the Ida Mountains and to hide. She was accompanied and protected by lions, which also pulled her wagon. As the faithful lion was badly wounded and exhausted the goddess released him from his suffering. In gratitude, she petrified him, and gave him his place on the coast of Lentas with magnificent views of the Libyan Sea.

So the lion still lies in this fantastic countryside and preserves the magic of the small village.

Die Magie der Natur

All times the magic of nature inspired people in Lentas to mystical tales. This story is one version that were told by people during the time of the temple of Asklepios in Lentas. Come around and you will see that the natural environment invites you to discover your own stories.

Enjoy gorgeous full moon nights at Dytiko where you can still bath naked and camp on the beach if you like. Take a ride to Krotos, Miamou or Mires through the stunning mountain scenery of Asterousia, visit the harbour at Loutra, walk through the gorge to Trafula or just relax at the village beach nearby tavernas.