Every drop is precious

In the summer months, the supply of fresh water is especially problematic in Lentas. This is particularly true following winters with little rain as then the natural springs have not been replenished and the water available via the community lines is scarce – and some days, not there at all. This is why it is very important that we all - visitors and residents alike - be mindful of our water use and not waste this precious, limited resource. Here are a few ways you can actively help save and conserve water. You may already know them all. Our purpose here is to remind you of them and raise awareness about the fact that the Lentas area is an arid one. That means water is not that plentiful here and that many, many people must share this resource, especially during the dry summer months. Please keep in mind: Water is life and every drop is really precious. Please don’t waste it.

Concrete things you can do to help save water:

Towel usage while you are here

Please reuse the towels provided for you at your accommodation (or that belong to you) several times instead of taking a fresh one every day. Talk with the accomadation owner, or management about this and let them know, there is no need for “new towels” every day. This way, you help prevent unnecessary laundry (and detergents)  – and voila, you’ve just helped save water!

Bed linens in your room

Just like with towels, you can agree with your host that you will let them know when you want your bed linens changed. Using the same sheets and pillowcases for a few days, or even a week or so like you most likely do “back home,” is a great way to cut down on unnecessary laundry and again, saves water – and laundry detergents!.

In the bathroom

This is one of the easiest and most effective places where you can save water by merely: turning it off! When you shower, turn off the water while you are “soaping” your body, or shampooing your hair. And please, try to avoid taking really long showers. Every minute of showering needs on average 20 liters of fresh, clean drinking water – that ends up just rushing down the drain. Also, when cleaning your teeth, turn off the faucet until you are ready to rinse!

Other water friendly things you can do in the bathroom are:

If you need hot or cold water, it can sometimes take quite long time (sometimes several minutes!) to reach the temperature you need. Instead of letting this water just run down the drain, ask your host for a bucket to collect the water into while you are waiting for it to reach the temperature you need.Collect the passing water. Ask your host for a bucket to collect the water into while you are waiting for the proper temeratured water to arrive. Offer your host this water for their plants, or for cleaning (or keep it for a footbath, a quick “cool off” shower later, or….)

Leaky toilets and water faucets waste incredible amounts of water. If you notice one, please tell your host immediately. If you know how to do it, turn off the water supply to the toilet or sink when you do not need it until a repair person comes. Be very careful with this, though. If you are not 100 % sure how this works here, ask your host for help!

Doing your laundry by hand

If you want to do hand laundry during your stay, please avoid doing it under running water. Instead, fill the sink with water and wash in this water. Alternatively, use a container like a bucket.

Washing dishes

Here as well, make sure not to wash your dishes under constantly running water. Use a sink, large bowl, bucket, or basin filled with a little water to first wash the dishes and as little dishwashing liquid as possible – if needed at all. Then rinse using as little water. (No soap = no rinsing!) 

Drinking water

Many residents and meanwhile visitors, too, go to the spring in nearby Krotos and here, refill cannisters or bottles with this (delicious!) drinking water for their daily use. You will find the spring on the way to Lentas along the main road that goes directly past Krotos. In summer, the supply here can also be scarce. There is also a “water station,” directly in Krotos village. When you purchase bottled water, please buy large ones – and not multiple small bottles. An added bonus: By doing this, you are also helping to significantly reduce plastic rubbish!