Thank you for taking a moment to read about the goals and work of the:
Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia (AVFEPA).



Since 2009, the AVFEPA has been working to prevent wild fires – and when a fire does break-out, our volunteers are the first on the scene.

Using our two mobile trailers equipped with 1000 litre water tanks, high-pressure pumps and hoses, we seek to control, contain and begin putting out a fire until the professional firefighters from Moires / the Messara Plain can reach us (circa one hour after a fire is reported).


Our second mission is to raise awareness about, and implement initiatives aimed at protecting the local environment. In its annual meeting in February 2022, the firefighters elected to incorporate the volunteer initiative CREaTE GREEN Lentas into the AVFEPA. Now, the firefighters’ environmental protection projects and campaigns will be coordinated and implemented under the CREaTE GREEN name and primarily through its volunteers (who are also for the most part, members of the AVFEPA.) In this way, the AVFEPA can better divide and focus the work amongst its two main goals: Prevent/fight fire and protect the local environment.

The AVFEPA is 100% privately funded by our members, friends and fundraising activities - and all money received is used exclusively for fulfilling the Association’s goals.


We use the donations we receive for such things as maintaining our two fire-fighting trailers, purchasing fire-fighting equipment and protective gear, funding public awareness campaigns and training programs, etc. At present, we are working to purchase and equip a third trailer (and a garage for it) to be located in the village of Antiskari. This will help greatly enhance our ability to reach a fire in that area faster.

Furthermore, we are in the process of purchasing a so-called automated external defibrillator (AED) and have some members trained in how to use this life-saving device. Other activities include: Creating a “Welcome to and help protect the area” display along the road to Agios Kyrillos that features murals from a local artist; continuing our rubbish/litter collecting programme; and distributing to each local household / business copies of our “Follow the Dolphins” flyer. It details how to properly dispose of (and reduce/recycle) waste. We have also worked to bring bulky rubbish containers to the area, and are now helping to inform area residents and guests about what goes in them (and what does not.)

You can support our activities through, for example, putting a bit of money into one of the donation jars found in several local businesses. Any amount is welcome! As a small thank you, those who donate €1 may take one of the stickers placed next to the jars. (For € 2, you can take both the sticker from the volunteer firefighters and the one from its CREaTE GREEN Lentas initiative.)

Again, be assured that all donations go entirely to the Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection’s work.

For more details – or if you are interested in becoming a member - please contact one of our officers: Odysseas Tsapakis at the Memory Bar in Diskos, Spiros Somarakis , mini-market Diskos,  Iaonnis Sifakis, Meeraki, Lentas, Stelios Koutsakis, Antiskari or Gina Kraft in Papadoyiannis. In Tsigounas, you can speak with Andreas Zaharioudakis at Taverna Lavrys.