Eat and drink

The cuisine in Lentas is traditionally simple: seasonal vegetables from the region, some meat and fish, seasoned with Greek herbs and served in good olive oil. There are no fast food kitchens in Lentas. All the restaurants are self-cooking and it is still common in Lentas for the cook to take you to the kitchen and open the lids of the pots, from which the most enticing scents emerge and you can choose your piece of meat or fish.

Food in Lentas has a lot of Cretan charm: In the evening sitting in the balmy sea air in cozy village taverns, the calm sound of the sea, a good meal and an open carafe of island wine.

The offer ranges from breakfast to small mezedes and oven dishes or grill dishes.

All restaurants and tavernas are open all day, in the summer months you can have dinner until late evening, and on some evenings Cretan musicians play live. In the winter months or out of season, only a few restaurants are open and close usually quite early in the evening.