Welcome at Irinis

»When we come back, sweating and tired from a mountain hike, she brings us a big bottle of cold water, sits with us and peels us apples. It seems to us as a great gesture.  And as we met her in her garden watering the flowers, she explains each flower to us. Of course we understand very little - only the "poly orea!" She picks a rose and holds us under the nose, we burst into enthusiastic shouts, mild and sweet is the fragrance of the almost faded Glory.«

Arn Strohmeyer: Lentas - ein Dorf am Libyschen Meer. Lilienthal: Verlag M. Simmering, 2004.

Since 20 years Irini has been renting rooms and apartments to holydaymakers from all over the world. For many years she and her husband Manolis create with great warmth and hospitality a family atmosphere for their guests, who are always welcome.

Enjoy relaxing days at Irinis.