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Visit Christina in her little grocery store

Christina mainly sells produce from the region of known producers and from her own farm. Fruits and vegetables from her garden are grown organically.

  • Seasonal: organically grown fruits from her garden and her own farm, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, watermelons
  • Honey from the family
  • Open wine, raki and olives and olive oil from friends

From the region you can get also fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, cretan cheese, olive oil, herbs and tea.

And of course, Christina carries everything for daily needs such as food, beverages, dairy products, canned goods, household goods, ice cream, candy, tobacco, camping goods, bathing equipment, games, stamps and postcards.


If you need something that is not in stock, you can order it. Christina delivers products or even medicine from Mires for you until the next morning. 

Christina also can book a taxi for you or find other passengers to share the taxi. Many travelers inform Christina when a taxi to/from Heraklion is required. Christina tries to find riders, so you can share a taxi and the taxi costs. This service is of course free of charge.

If you have questions, need a general information or you would like to chat a bit, talk to Christina. She will be happy to help! 

Christina speaks Greek and English. 

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 7:30-14 h and 16-22/23 h
Saturday and Sunday: 7:30-22/23 h



Telephone +30 28920 95210
Mobile +30 697520 3340