Lentas Weather

South of Crete is known for its mild Mediterranean climate.

In Lentas you can swim in the spring with water temperatures around 20 degrees and during the day it is warm. The summer is hot and sometimes subtropical temperatures can be reached.

The days in October are shorter, but remain sunny and warm. Now the evenings become cooler and the first rain showers bring welcome relief after the long summer. By early November , you can swim in a magnificentficent sea .

Not only in the summer the well known wind " Meltemi" occurs, but all-the-year very strong winds should be expected.

Getting to Lentas

Every day planes from almost every country in Europe arrive at Heraklion Airport. 

From Heraklion you can go by bus to Aghi Deka and then take a taxi or a bus to Lentas. This will cost you only a few Euros. Please check the link to the bus service on the right (irregular bus service in summer from Aghi Deka to Lentas).

Details: Map of Crete

A taxi from Heraklion will cost you € 85.00 if you book directly with a taxi driver (please ask at your hotel / room service) from Lentas. There is also the possibility of taxi-sharing (find website link on the right). If you bring your own car by ferry to Lentas, follow the road from Heraklion to Mires and turn left after you passed Aghia Deka.  If you want to rent a car, you can order it directly in Lentas and it can be ready for you at the airport.



The medical care in Crete is very good. In case of illness, you will find in Mires a hospital (Regional Health Clinic of Moires), local GP or specialists, such as pediatricians, gynecologists, ear, nose and throat doctors, dentists, cardiologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, etc. The doctors are well equipped and the treatment is conscientiously. A simple body check costs about 30 €.

English speaking doctors:
Dr. Angelos Barbas, gynegolist, phone 28920 24564
Dr. Stella Klinaki, pediatrician, phone 28920 22044

In Moires are many pharmacies (ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΟ) along the main road and in the side streets. The pharmacists are highly qualified to diagnose minor ailments, provide them with appropriate medicine or refer to the necessary specialist. German drugs are often available. An emergency service (24 hours, including Sundays and holidays) is set up and at each closed pharmacy, there is information to the nearest pharmacy with emergency service.

Opening times doctors and pharmacies:
Mon - Sat: 9 - 14 h
Tue, Thu, Fri: 17 - 21 h

Health Center in Mires:
Always open, phone: 28920-23312.
The hospital is located in the central part of the hillside, two blocks north of the main road (market). There is no address available, just in case you don't notice the information signs, every local can help you, since it is the only hospital in this area. In case of emergency you will be helped without any extensive formal procedure.

Of course, the people in Lentas will help their opportunities accordingly. Therefore, you should first ask the people in the village. Please note: An ambulance requires arrival time. Call: 166.
European-wide emergency call: 112

Psychology and Wellness

Lentas was famous for its Asklepios temple in the ancient world. Consultants came to get in the right frame of mind and experience healing through dreaming. A little later the therapeutic methods were extended by Roman thermal baths as a wellness factor.

In today’s Lentas you get the chance to e.g. participate in psychological seminars as a professional or amateur, learn relaxation-methods, book group- or single-sessions.

Also a trained masseuse stays in Lentas, she offers wellness massage for emotional balance and physical relaxation.

You can find more information at the links on the right.

Language course

During your relaxing holiday in Lentas, you can also learn a new language, improve your skills in a language you already speak and even prepare for language examinations with teachers who are native speakers. Anything from a couple of lessons to get your feet wet up to multi-week, intensive courses is possible. At the moment, courses are being offered for Greek and English.

Detailed information about the English courses can be found at the link on the right.



In Lentas there is no bank and no ATM. In Mires, the banks are open:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 8-14 h and Fri 8-13 h.

The Lentas community wishes you a very nice and relaxing holiday!

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